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Gargolleria #33

Fonte: «The Writings in Prose and Verse of Rudyard Kipling» (1897) di Rudyard Kipling.

Gargolleria #31

Fonte: «Dicks’ English Library of Standard Works» (1884) di John Dicks e Percy Bolingbroke Saint John.

Gargolleria #30

Fonte: «America Revisited» (1882) di George Augustus Sala.

Gargolleria #28

Fonte: «The Sea: its stirring story of adventure, peril & heroism» (1882) di Frederick Whymper.

Gargolleria #27

Fonte: «Az Osztrák-Magyar Monarchia Irásban és Képben» (1885) di Rudolf Trónörökös Főherczeg.

Gargolleria #24

Fonte: «The Poetical Works of Sir Walter Scott» (1888) di William J. Rolfe.

Gargolleria #23

Fonte: «Puck on Pegasus» (1868) di Henry Cholmondeley-Pennell.

Gargolleria #22

Fonte: «The Life and Strange Surprising Adventures of Robinson Crusoe» (1891) di Daniel Defoe e Walter Paget.

Gargolleria #18

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Fonte: «Fairy tales from Hans Andersen» (1919) di Hans Christian Andersen e William Heath Robinson.

Gargolleria #17

Fonte: «Gately’s World’s Progress. A general history of the earth’s construction and of the advancement of mankind» (1886) di Charles E. Beale.

Gargolleria #16

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Fonte: «Fairy tales from Hans Andersen» (1919) di Hans Christian Andersen e Gordon Browne.

Gargolleria #13

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Fonte: «The Half Hour Library of Travel, Nature and Science for young readers» (1896).

Gargolleria #11

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Fonte: «The Story Hunter or Tales of the weird and wild, etc» (1896) di Ernest R. Suffling.

Gargolleria #8

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Fonte: «The call of the stars; a popular introduction to a knowledge of the starry skies with their romance and legend» (1919) di John R. Kippax.

Gargolleria #5

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Fonte: «American ornithology for the home and school» (1901) di Chester A. Reed.

Gargolleria #4

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Fonte: «The beggar’s vision» (1921) di Brookes More e William S. Braithwaite.